The funny escapade of a Rottweiler who escapes from his home to his favorite bar

mark howartha 38-year-old electrician, shares his daily life with Woody, a superb 18-month-old Rottweiler. The 2 friends live peaceful days at Stockporta city located in the northwest ofEngland.

Among the dog’s favorite activities is… the “bar break”! Twice a week, he accompanies his sidekick to the Horse Shoe Inn, an establishment in which he is always welcome. Caresses and treats from the staff as well as customers are there, to the delight of the quadruped.

It is a certainty: the Horse Shoe Inn is his favorite place in the world! He loves it so much that he decided, one day, to go there alone… A misadventure that neither its owner nor the members of the pub are about to forget.

The dog wanted to go to the bar

On May 13, 2022, The Sun reported in one of his articles the funny little escapade of the big ball of fur.

One night, mark howarth went out with a friend, leaving his pet home alone. When leaving, he of course locked the door from the outside. However, as our colleagues explain, the latter can be opened from the inside. A detail that Woody knew very well…

Taking advantage of the absence of his “dad”, the Rottweiler snuck out… but didn’t go very far. He naturally went to his favorite bar, which is located one kilometer from his home!

His arrival at the pub was caught on CCTV. The canine strolled quietly between the tables on the terrace, then presented itself in front of the door. An employee, who recognized him, immediately let him in.

The head of the establishment, mike moran, couldn’t help laughing while observing the scene. Subsequently, he contacted the owner of the animal to come and collect it.

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Seeing the door of his house wide open, mark howarth said he was lucky not to have had a visit from burglars. He promised himself to change the lock, so that it would be locked on both sides.

Nobody knows exactly what the canine had in mind. Did he want to join his master at the bar? Did he want the hugs and little treats he is used to receiving? Or was he longing forElliea female dog he befriended?

mark howarth lean more towards this 3e track. He explained to Sun that her furry friend had already invited himself to the bar owner’s home to play with her… Anyway, alone Woody knows the answer!

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