The good table: “In the garden”, a tasty and committed cuisine

220825-23-371 At the restaurant Au Jardin in old Angouleme.

220825-23-371 At the restaurant Au Jardin in old Angouleme.

Quentin Small

40 to 50% of employees are disabled. They are indistinctly “at the piano” or in the room. The cuisine reflects the philosophy of this establishment: simple, tasty and virtuous. The fresh vegetables that go into the composition of the salads (to compose yourself with the help of the chef) come from the short circuit after having grown and matured with farmers with the “ responsible “. This colorful and vitamin-packed bowl (or wrap, it’s up to you) is ” our historical product “, continues Loïc Delavaud. Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouted seeds, melon, salmon or even mimolette can therefore be combined according to your desires. A concept, again not devoid of meaning: “ Since customers choose the ingredients they like, we avoid a lot of waste “, continues the boss.

An iconic carrot cake

Always in this spirit of a reasoned way of life, zero waste is an option for which Au Jardin tends irremediably: ” We go step by step smiles Antoine Freund. Noting in particular “ that the small chocolates wrapped and offered with the coffee have given way to sweets, such as small coconut rocks “. And less plastic.

At the Jardin, you therefore feel at home, in the heart of Angoulême. Inside, the atmosphere cozy bistro » invites you to let lunch go on while the terrace is lulled by the rhythm of the street.

Always on the plate, ” we do not offer a card », explains Loic Delavaud. ” But a menu with a meat or fish dish, as well as a vegetarian one. That day, the vegetable tian coexists with a roast pork with mustard on the slate. There is also gazpacho, a summer version of the good soups offered in winter. And then… the desserts. A carrot cake that has become iconic and whose recipe the house does not reveal (forget it, we’ve already tried it) and other brioches like French toast in a salted butter caramel version.

Vegans or gluten intolerants will also find something to enjoy at Au Jardin with its variety of proposals. The bread is made at the Magnac-sur-Touvre bakery. It is made with organic sourdough and or spelled-millet. ” We are really in evolutionary mode “, notes Loïc Delavaud. ” Every day we push a little more the subjects that are important to us. Recently, we have turned to a few new suppliers who have integration projects. »

Au Jardin, 5 rue Ludovic Trarieux, 0545970797. Dish at 11 euros, gazpacho at 4.50 euros, dessert between 4.50 and 5.20. Platter formula (gazpacho/dish/salad) at 15.90 euros. Open weekdays for lunch (Monday, Thursday and Friday for dinner as well).

The recipe: Patisson gratin for 10 people

Ingredients :
1kg potato (potatoes) 1kg squash 60g butter 60g flour 1L milk (your choice) Salt/pepper/nutmeg (large pinch)

Steps :
1 – vegetable preparations: * peel and cut into slices

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