The mistake not to make when freezing bread

Large family or simply eyes bigger than stomach, when you buy a lot or too much bread, freezing it is THE solution to avoid waste. But beware ! Whether it’s a baguette, a sandwich loaf or country loaf, to freeze bread you have to follow certain essential rules and avoid certain pitfalls to avoid any health risk. We will explain everything to you.

For breakfast or dinner, as a savory sandwich or as a sweet sandwich, bread can be eaten in all sauces. And it is quite possible to keep it in the freezer to have provisions. But if you are used to placing your baguette directly in the freezer, after cutting it in half, you are making a huge mistake! In addition to altering its taste because of the odors that other foods in the freezer can give off, freezing it without packaging is dangerous for your health. Indeed, the bacteria contained in the freezer can easily lodge in the crumb and the crust of the bread. And even if freezing slows down the activity and development of micro-organisms, it does not kill them. Moreover, during defrosting, the development of microbes starts again and can end up in our body once the baguette has been tasted! And because it is better to prevent than to cure, know that it is obviously strongly advised not to refreeze the bread after having thawed it for the first time, under penalty (…)

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