The most expensive fries in the world cost 200 dollars: here’s what they look like and where to find them (photo)

We already have to live with the fact that in English fries are called “french fries” and we will now have to accept that the most expensive portion of fries in the world does not come from Belgium. You will tell us, we are not really recognized for our refinement in this area, and our playground is rather that of fries stands and fritkots. We are therefore light years away from this New York restaurant, which sells its fries at 200 dollars a portion, just that.

An exceptional dish

Serependipity 3, on the Upper East Side, is the place to go to try these fries, which are, without a doubt, delicious. And being their astronomical price, they naturally find themselves in the Guinness Book of Records. But what can justify such a price? Truffle bicky sauce? An exceptional fricadelle served with the portion? No, the dish is much more refined than these suggestions.

The establishment does not only serve fries, but accompanies them with a Com Perignon champagne, a vinegar straight from Champagne-Ardenne, goose fat also from France, salt from Guérande, Pecorino cheese and, icing on the cake, truffles in all their forms: Italian black truffles, truffle oil and truffled Gruyère. Little more bling-bling of the house: everything is served with 23 carat edible gold powder. And don’t count on a cardboard tray as a service, since the dish is served in a Baccarat crystal service.

To please yourself

As you might expect, this plate is loaded with calories, so much so that restaurant chef Frederick Schoen-Kiewert doesn’t even dare to give the number, citing the Fifth Amendment. But to hell with this kind of considerations, you have to have fun in life! And if you want to invite us… don’t be shy!


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