The Pic Pain brand returns with its French burgers

The founder of Auchan has always confided in us two regrets in his 45 years of presidency and Pic Pain is one of them. Rest assured, the iconic French sandwich is back, probably from September 8th.

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The cult Pic Croque with its cheese sauce, the Pic Cru, the Pic Boeuf and the others… The Facebook page on Pic Pain was barely opened three days ago when the nostalgic – and there are many of them – are starting to salivate again . We fear false joys, we dread brainwashing, we hope for news.

Because Pic Pain is not quite like the others. Officially created in 1971, it was first the idea of ​​a man, Bernard Prouvost, who wanted to Frenchify American-style fast food in Lille. ” Without counting the door step, it was necessary to invest two million francs “, he explained to a colleague from Nord-Eclair in 1983.

Mini-prices as a trademark

The idea seemed so good that Gérard Mulliez took it up at the very beginning of the 80s to develop the business. The target, young people, is the 15-franc menu for students, guaranteed success. ” I hope we will have the same recipes as before with crispy bread “, allows Nini on the social network. The 80s had seen the emergence of the big American fast food chains, it was also the time of great collective errors certifying the failure of McDonald’s in the land of good food…

The Pic Pain franchise is one of Gerard Mulliez's biggest regrets.  Photo Hubert Van Maele
The Pic Pain franchise is one of Gerard Mulliez’s biggest regrets. Photo Hubert Van Maele

For its part, Pic Pain then positioned itself in the low-cost segment which was just beginning to be conceived in France, Gérard Mulliez’s other regret being the failure of Miniper, stores at bargain prices. ” We could have been the first to launch the hard-discount in France with Miniper and especially with the French sandwich shop he told us in 2006.

Premises sought after in the Lille metropolitan area

Joined this Thursday, the patriarch of the family takes the possible return of Pic Pain as good news. ” People who don’t have money far outnumber those who do.he said. People often eat badly at lunchtime, for example, suggesting that they eat better is very good. “. The bread was delivered twice a day, the vegetables were fresh, the suppliers were often local, the preparation almost made to order.

Pic Pain was popular and loyal to its customers in its dozen French restaurants, including the one on rue de Béthune in Lille, its flagship store, before throwing in the towel. And be reborn? The company was reactivated in 2020 by the Agapes group, which brings together the restaurant brands (Flunch, Pizza Paï, Les 3 Brasseurs, etc.) of the Mulliez family association (AFM). Close sources confirm the relaunch of the brand, with a possible announcement from September 8. Premises are sought, probably in the Lille metropolitan area.

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