The president of SCO d’Angers confirms Gérald Baticle: “He will be on the bench until the end of the season”

In the bowels of Groupama Stadium, Saïd Chabane, the president of Angers, greets Vincent Ponsot, OL’s football director, from afar. A stone’s throw away, Gérald Baticle, his trainer, is chatting with acquaintances near the club bus. Despite the slap received in Lyon (5-0) this Saturday on the occasion of the 6th day of Ligue 1, the coach saw certain reasons for satisfaction, details on which he intends to work to revive a machine seized by four straight losses.

He evokes players below but who give the maximum “with their current means”. “We see areas for improvement so that everyone can find their level”, he insists. No question of pointing the finger at individual failures but rather of understanding, of putting a new defense back on its feet. But will he still be there to carry out this delicate mission? “I am not the subject. The only thing that matters is finding solutions. It is the heaviness of the defeat that concerns me. I am not a dreamer, nor an idealist, there are problems, I am aware of them. We did it last year after seven defeats and we know how we got there. »

“We are all behind him”

And he finds in Chabane a support of weight. The president thus denies a possible dismissal of his coach. He even assures him to give him all his support. Not for the next match against Montpellier but for the rest of the adventure. “He is in no way threatened, I don’t work like that. Gérald is with me, he will still be with me. You are asked to see blood, to rule out one or the other… I expect more from the players, I spoke to them two or three weeks ago, but when I see today what We’re up against one of the best teams in our Championship… We didn’t expect to work miracles. I was more worried after the game against Reims (2-4) than today. »

If I sense a rift between the coach and his team or with me, I will make decisions but that is not the case.

Saïd Chabane, president of the SCO of Angers

“We talk to Gerald. Telling me ‘you have lost 5 or 6 matches’ is not my way of doing things. There is no subject with Gérald. He will be there for the next game and he will be on the bench until the end of the season.” he continues.

Pierrick Capelle, the midfielder, substitute, yesterday, does not even imagine this situation occurring. “It’s your job to talk about it but we’re really not afraid. We trust him, we are all behind him. There is no question like that with us, it is not in the nature of the club. » Capelle will find his trainer on Tuesday, after two days of rest.


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