The rant of restaurateurs in Rouen after a series of burglaries

During the summer, the restaurants on rue eau de Robec and rue du Père Adam were the victims of several burglaries
During the summer, the restaurants on rue eau de Robec and rue du Père Adam were the victims of several burglaries (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

“In two months I had to change the restaurant door twice. This is the disillusioned observation of Radouan Guerrouf, owner of the Poke Time rue du Père Adam, in the antiques district of Rouen. In question, repeated burglaries during the summer.

Like him, the Crêperie Rouennaise and the Anticonformist, located in the same street have been the victim of intrusion, or attempted intrusion into their establishment. Same fate for several brands of the Rue Eau de Robec.

The burglars tried to force the doors of almost all the restaurants on these two streets.

A general fed up

“It’s time for it to stop” supports Aiza, the boss of the Anticonformist. “We are not going to change doors every month and we don’t have time to file a complaint either. “Words completed by the owner of Poké Time: “It takes us a long time to do the steps, if it were not to justify the claim to the insurance I would not even do it”.

The restaurateurs are demanding more surveillance in the neighborhood, the manager of the Anticonformiste in the lead. “I asked the police that they accentuate the rounds. I was told that it was up to the Bac to do it and that there were not enough of them. Radouan Guerrouf asks him, “that a camera be installed in the neighborhood”.

Also owner of a restaurant rue Cauchoise, equipped with a surveillance camera, he believes that the device has proven itself. “When Café Brun was the victim of vandalism, the surveillance videos were consulted and the criminals identified immediately. »

Two nights of burglaries

The first round of burglary took place in July, the restaurant the Little Beak was a victim of it. “They took odds and ends, decorative items, cutlery, in addition to damage to the door,” says a manager. At Poké Time the perpetrators left with the cash funds, “200 euros in cash”, according to the manager.

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The second took place on the night of August 15 to 16. Some like the Petit Bec or the Anticonformiste got away with “only” damaged doors or broken locks, but the burglars couldn’t get in. While the Poké Time was once again visited, “except that this time we had removed the crate”, says the owner. The damage is no less because the front door was broken, “it comes down to me 1500 euros to replace her,” notes Radouan Guerrouf.

Faced with the upsurge in burglaries, restaurant owners on these two streets are thinking about what actions to take to make themselves heard, but ” this will have to stop concludes the owner of the Anticonformist.

For its part, a judicial source confirms to us that it has heard of these facts and that investigations are underway.

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