The SPA educates “Stray” players on the abandonment of cats

This is a new kind of campaign for the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA). Indeed, the association has decided to use a successful video game to boost cat adoptions. In strayplayers can embody P’tite Shrimp, Câline, Zoya, Pastelle and Doc, that is to say five virtual felines that can be changed according to the games, reports Numerama.

Developed by a French studio, this video game has become a real phenomenon. Last July, it even peaked with 50,000 players on Steam, a content distribution platform. It is also available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

Five different cats

For its campaign, the SPA did not just quote the game. As part of its “Adopt a mod” campaign, it thought of real cats to adopt to embody the characters of stray. The felines are thus represented by a photo and have a short biography. All have a different coat in order to “represent the great diversity of cats for adoption in shelters”, according to a press release published by the SPA on Tuesday. The animals were modeled by an independent developer.

The association thus hopes to explode the number of adoptions after a difficult summer for the teams, who “had to deal with the saturation of our 63 shelters and SPA houses. They have taken care of more than 10,150 cats who are now waiting for a new family,” explains Jacques-Charles Fombonne, president of the SPA.

Available on the PC version

The goal with stray is to “present five cats that we have taken in and we hope that they will become ambassadors for the thousands of abandoned cats in our shelters”, adds the president.

For technical assistance in this new project, the association was able to count on the agency Havas Play. At the moment, the five cats can only be embodied on the PC version of the video game.

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