the trick for a natural “cat eye” effect

To change from the classic black eyeliner line, this makeup tutorial that is a hit on social networks offers to create feline eye makeup with concealer.

Drawing “cat’s eyes” without eyeliner is the new make-up challenge that is all the rage right now on social networks. The trend has already accumulated more than 336 million views on TikTok, where there are plenty of makeup tutorials from amateurs and professionals to reproduce this look.

The concept ? Trace the contours of acat-eyewith a simple concealer. Thus delimited, the empty space in the corner of the eye creates a transparent graphic form resembling a subtle feline effect.

Master the art of invisible eyeliner

The many video tutorials from influencers and make-up enthusiasts give instructions for trying out this look. Above all, it is essential to apply a nude eyeshadow on the entire mobile eyelid in order to have an even base. This is what will then allow us to create a perfect “canvas” for our “work”.

Take a little concealer of a shade lighter than her natural skin tone with an eyeliner brush (flat, very short, narrow and angled). Draw a first diagonal line starting from the outer corner of the eye, then a second just above to delimit the invisible geometric shape. All you have to do is smudge the contours with another clean eye brush or your finger. Finally, fix the area with a little translucent powder to ensure that the product does not move.

It’s up to everyone to personalize the style of the curve: in a discreet comma, in a clean line or even in an XXL version up to the eyebrow. A look that requires a minimum of skill and technique with the brushes, to give a “no make-up” effect controlled and without smudging.

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