The ‘UFO’ bore the mark of Elon Musk

Inflation, war in Ukraine, all that was missing were the extraterrestrials… Some Bordeaux residents thought they saw them land on the night of Sunday September 4 to Monday September 5.

As reported by our colleagues from, a user asked the question on social networks, photo in support: “Last night on the night of 04/09 at 6:00 a.m., a friend who works in an EPHAD in Mérignac observed a curious phenomenon in the sky during her break.”

“I just saw a UFO surrounded by a cloud which followed it perfectly”assures another.

One of Elon Musk’s rockets

Very quickly, answers and photos flow in: “Looks like the headlights of an airplane”launches a user, when others are ironic about a possible alien invasion.

What is certain is that these Bordeaux residents did indeed witness an unusual phenomenon in the sky on Monday morning. But nothing paranormal or extraterrestrial in this appearance.

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This oblong and luminous shape seen in the night was in fact “one of the rockets launched by Elon Musk from Cape Canaveral, Florida to put his satellites into orbit”explains Corine Yahia, president of the AG33 Astronomy Society.

Starlink satellites

Last Sunday, a rocket (Falcon 9) actually took off from the American base with 51 Starlink satellites on board which will be put into orbit around the earth. As a reminder, the Starlink project aims to offer a broadband internet network to the entire planet, via satellite.

It is this rocket that flew over the sky of Gironde on Monday morning.

Favorable weather conditions

“The first night, just after sending, the orbital vehicle offers a very luminous point. The following days, after the launching of its machines, one can observe luminous points which follow one another, like trains, which go little by little deviate over the days”details Corine Yahia at

During the night from Sunday to Monday, this luminous halo was particularly powerful due to favorable weather conditions in the sky of Gironde: “The sky was covered with a cloudy veil, made up of micro water droplets, which capture light and diffract it.”

Reassuring then, the Girondins are not crazy but the extraterrestrials are not there yet.

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