The ultimate guide to saving money when shopping

Whatever your situation, saving on groceries can help you reach your savings goals. This can notably earn you hundreds of euros each year. Also, if you want to eat cheap, while having money to please yourself, this article is for you.

Plan the monthly budget

If you want to make significant savings over the year, good organization is essential. Therefore, it is essential to plan your monthly budget. The objective is to determine the amount dedicated to the purchase of foodstuffs without depriving yourself, but also without excess. The best way to do this is to use a management application. In addition, the majority of this software is completely free in the stores.

Plan meals for the week

To stop wasting, planning meals for the week is a particularly effective tip. All you have to do is write down the menus for the week before you go shopping. In this way, you will only buy the necessary products, without being tempted on the shelves. This is also a good practice to control your budget.

Make a shopping list

Another way to save money is to make a shopping list. This will allow you in particular to put an end to unforeseen purchases. You just need to prepare a detailed list of everything you need before you leave home. By following this little document to the letter, you will avoid many temptations when browsing the shelves of the supermarket.

Prepare simple dishes

If you want to control your budget for groceries, avoid preparing complicated meals. Between spices and other products, the latter generally require a lot of ingredients. Thus, by opting for simple and easy to cook dishes, you will save a lot of time, while saving your money.

Prefer cash payment

When shopping, leave your credit card at home. In reality, if you pay for your expenses with cash instead of using the card, you will be forced to limit yourself. This way, you won’t be able to exceed the budget you have allocated for your groceries.

Make bulk purchases

To save more money, you can buy certain foodstuffs in large quantities. This is especially valid for products that can be kept for a very long time, such as rice, cereals, flour or pasta. Buying in bulk usually gets you a discount on prices. It is also possible to apply this habit to batches of non-perishable goods. So you can buy toilet paper, soap, garbage bags, etc. depending on your usage.

Avoid shopping carts when shopping

If you do your shopping every week, avoid taking a shopping cart. The latter is oversized and encourages consumption, which is not particularly recommended for saving money. Therefore, in order not to buy more than you need, a basket is ideal. Indeed, it will quickly be filled with priority products and you will no longer have room for superfluous items.

Always check the lowest shelves on the shelves

To entice customers to buy more, many supermarkets tend to use marketing techniques. With this in mind, they place the cheapest products on the bottom shelves on the shelves. The reason ? Customers in a hurry have a habit of scanning items that are at eye level. They thus ignore the other products without realizing it. Also, it is important to always compare prices to avoid this kind of trap.

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