The video of the robbery of a restaurant in Schoelcher broadcast on social networks

A video posted on social networks shows a hooded man robbing a busy restaurant located on the beach in the town of Schoelcher.

The facts date back to the evening of Thursday August 25, 2022. A few minutes before midnight. The last customers had just left the Wanted Food restaurant, located on the seafront in the town of Schœlcher.

Three people, the chef, the dishwasher and the cashier were still in the room which serves as a kitchen, bar and cash register.

Wanted Food cash register, kitchen, bar

The cash register, kitchen and bar of Wanted Food in Schoelcher

©Caroline Popovic

Arrived by scooter, two men, armed and hooded, burst into it.

In an 18-second video, shared on social networks, we can see a hooded man hurrying to empty the cash register. The cashier tries to stabilize the electronic device. Another man has his hands up.

On the other side of the coastal road where the dining room of the restaurant is located, we hear voices inviting the robbers to come and have a cocktail.

Wanted Food, dining room

Wanted Food, the place where customers are welcomed by the Schoelcher seaside.

©Caroline Popovic

According to our information, the thieves left with a loot of around 2,000 euros.

An investigation is underway.

The restaurant is open this Saturday, August 27, 2022. Employees, shocked by this armed robbery, fear that the establishment will be targeted a second time.

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