The waitress feeds a homeless man, unaware that it was a control from the restaurant management.

We meet homeless people on every street corner. Indeed, the number of homeless people is increasing day by day due to inflation, the cost of living or simply bad luck. The attitude of people who meet homeless people is generally negative: avoidance, contempt and even aggressiveness. But what if a homeless man walked into a restaurant and made himself comfortable? Here is the story of a waitress and a homeless man!

A good lesson for the director

When a homeless person walks into a popular restaurant in a small town in France, it’s hard not to notice. Having worn clothes, and being very unshaven this one is not definitely not clean. When he asks to be served, no one rushes. There are those who are afraid and those who are simply disgusted. However Marina the waitress takes her job to heart and decides to serve the man. She took his orders without considering it otherwise, without knowing what she had just done was going to cost her dearly.

Neither one nor two, the director calls out to him and tells the waitress that no homeless person intends to pay. Her orders, it’s Marina who will pay her. Against all odds, the man paid his bill, and even left a small tip for the friendly waitress.

A promotion for the waitress, and a dismissal for the manager

Despite his appearance, in fact, the homeless man turns out to be a controller sent to test the attitudes of the employees. The waitress passed the test with dignity. Indeed, this subterfuge was set up by the owner of the restaurant. The latter considers that “customer is king”and that a customer remains a customer, regardless of social class.

The habit really does not make the monk and this story is proof of that. Who would have thought that serving a homeless person could raise you to the rank of director? Certainly not Marina, the modest waitress! In effect, Marina got a promotion at the speed of light. As for the director, he must surely be sending resumes at this very moment.

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