the world of chess offers itself a polemic as funny as stupid

Greenblatt Bill/UPI/ABACA

Greenblatt Bill/UPI/ABACA

The chess world has seen an unexpected buzz following the success of the series The Queen’s Game. Since its release, many fans have become interested in this age-old game. This is not necessarily well seen by the pros in the field since a player filed a complaint against the production and claimed 5 million dollars.

These last days, it is a lunar polemic which shakes the small world of the failures. During a famous tournament, the Norwegian Magnus Carlsenfive-time world champion, lost to Hans Niemann, a 19-year-old American and 43rd in the world. Shortly after his loss, the chess star said he was quitting the tournament. “I withdraw from the tournament. I have always loved playing in Saint-Louis and I hope to return“, he tweeted.

Accusation of cheating and vibrating sex toy in the buttocks

He then posted a cryptic video in which then Chelsea manager José Mourinho is seen saying after a defeat: “I prefer not to speak. If I talk, I’ll be in big trouble“.

Very quickly, suspicions of cheating fell on the young American and crazy rumors appeared. One of them even spread the rumor thathe would have used a vibrating sex toy inserted into his anus and operated remotely by an accomplice.

Elon Musk gets involved

All this even caught the attention ofElon Musk….

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