These 7 things you didn’t know about… Elon Musk!

Elon Musk is a businessman and one of the richest men in the world. Full of surprises, here are a few things about it.

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Old 51 years old, Elon Musk is a world famous businessman. He is the most famous face, the effigy, of Tesla, or even of Space X. Despite his popularity, there remain many mysteries about richest man on earth. It’s not secret, many journalists have amassed heaps of information about him. Not to mention a netflix documentary on Elon Musk came out, a short time ago, on the platform. Nevertheless, to help you figure out the character, here are some facts about Elon Musk, things you (maybe) don’t know about him yet. Let’s go !

Richest man on earth weighs over $200 billion

You must already be aware, but very few people possess the greatest riches on Earth. Among this elite, there is indeed Elon Musk, the richest man in the world today. His fortune is estimated at 265.6 billion USD in 2022. This is really just an estimate. For good reason, this figure is not what he has in his bank account.

More than 200 billion dollars, this is what Elon Musk weighs, with his actions on his own companies in particular. Basically, this sum concentrates all of its heritage : financial, shareholder, real estate…

But hey, the latter regularly fights for the place of the richest man on Earth with another entrepreneur and genius of his time: Jeff Bezos. The latter, also fond of science and technology, would weigh $176.6 billion in 2022. But, this figure fluctuates, like that of Elon Musk.

The two men are regularly neck and neck on the podium of the richest man. The founder ofAmazonwhich also intends to allow the public to make space travel (like Elon Musk), defends himself quite a bit in this little game.

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The name of his last child is… implausible

Elon Musk is the happy father of 5 boys, including a young toddler born in 2020. This last-born, from his union with Claire Boucher (his 5th companion since 2018), was baptized with a really strange first name. This one then summed up X Æ A-12.

But, the engineer had to change the name of his boy, because in America, we are not allowed to put numbers in a first name. Thus, his son is now called X Æ A-XII. No idea how he pronounces that on a daily basis.

Elon Musk has an Intelligence Quotient much higher than average

Since he is also taken for a genius by many fans, he is also renowned for his intelligence. Endowed with a singular logic and a formidable entrepreneurial creativity, he is also scientifically recognized as an intelligent man, more than the average. for good reason, his IQ (intelligence quotient) is estimated at 155.

As a reminder, to be considered as gifted or to have a high IQyou must have an intelligence quotient of at least 130. Only 2.2% of population would have them (not counting those that have not been detected).

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1200 km/h, the time that his invention should cover: the Hyperloop!

Have you ever heard of thehyperloop ? This super high-speed train that can connect Paris to Moscow in just 1 hour? Well, this invention of Elon Musk (still in progress) was designed to travel an impressive distance, either 1200 km per hour. For information, a TGV can go up to 320 km/h.

Elon Musk created his first innovation at the age of 12

Did you know ? Elon Musk had a thirst for knowledge and creation from an early age. Rumor has it that he even started conceptualizing when he was 12 years old. A future engineer at heart, he has coded his own video game himself At this age.

This game was called Blaster. According to the JDG, Elon Musk has sold “the source code of his first creation for the equivalent of $500 to a South African trade magazine, PC And Office Technology, which published it in December 1984”. A real business man before his time.

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Here are all the main projects he has been involved in

Well, we are not going to detail everything he has done in all the projects he has set up or in which he has participated. But here are the main ones.

  • Zip2. This is his very first big business created. This is a company that aimed to help the media grow.
  • PayPal. No, Elon Musk did not create PayPal. On the other hand, he is a major shareholder and has therefore contributed, through his decision-making power in the company, to improving the service. He made it evolve and made it more reliable.
  • Space X: Company created by Elon Musk on space engineering. This company is the first private company to work actively with NASA to conceptualize and build its rockets in particular.
  • Tesla: Mainly electric car company. The company was co-founded by musk.
  • Powerwall and Powerpack : energy reserve companies against blackouts, for example. One is aimed at individuals while the other focuses on businesses.
  • hyperloop : very high speed train up to 1200 km/h.
  • Neuralink: a chip connected to the brain that allows us to manage our neurological health. This chip is intended to treat patients. For the moment, the project has stalled following numerous criticisms aimed at Musk. He would have used monkeys for his tests, almost all of which died following implantation.

Technically, Elon Musk is rich but also homeless

Fan of artificial intelligence and space, Musk wanted to become a wizard when he was little. He wanted to create miracles and save mankind. But, instead, he became something of an engineering Iron Man. But, despite everything, did you know that Musk had no no real house where does he live year round?

“I don’t own a house. I literally stay with friends. If I’m traveling to the San Francisco Bay side, where most of Tesla’s engineering locations are, I alternate depending on what rooms are available at my friends’. #ElonMusk

Indeed, Elon Musk owned many properties. But, this year 2022, the latter has sold all his houses. He therefore separated from his seven houses for a total of $128 million. It was a promise he had made. And this, to focus on his plan to travel to Mars with Space X (private rockets built for NASA’s public company).

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Want to know more about the character that is Elon Musk? Some helpful videos

Here’s where to find the Netflix documentary on Elon Musk:’int%C3%A9resse%20%C3%A0,artificielle%20et%20les%20vols %20spatial.&text=Watch%20as much%20as%20you%20want.


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