these olives sold at Auchan must be brought back urgently

Which olives are affected?

The black olives concerned by this recall are those of Auchan brand. You can find it throughout France in Auchan stores. It must be said that the points of sale of this brand are numerous. But, they are also available from other merchants who market products of this brand.

The concern of this product is that its label does not indicate all that the jar contains. Some of these pots have: green olives but on the labels there is no mention of these green olives. So there is no mention of the “almond” allergen. Which makes it a defective product. People who are allergic could have serious disappointments.

Reminder: what is the attitude to adopt?

In general, the product is recalled when its consumption is risky. But then what to do with these black olives? The answer is clear: take them back to the store where you bought it. This is the only way to go. Already, you will be reimbursed when you have done so. Moreover, you will preserve your health if you can’t stand these green olives and you are allergic.

There is a recall that is related to the batch of black olive tapenade. The latter, which is estimated at 150g and which is also part of the Auchan brand. It should be noted that its products are marketed in all stores selling Auchan brand products as well as in each Auchan in the country.

In addition, Rappel Conso, the government site which lists the majority of the recalls of finished products reserved for consumers, indicates that the date for the end of the recall procedure is set for September 19, 2022. On Objeko, we have often had the opportunity to tell you about product recalls. The Ferrero case had a big media impact. So for weeks, the media talked about this subject.

Another case: Buitoni’s Fraich’up pizzas were also singled out. The products have been urgently recalled. The French are more and more concerned about what they consume. Thus, organic is more and more popular with customers. The products are pesticide free. There is a desire to eat healthy. We do not always know the long-term effect of chemicals on our health. In the weeks and months to come, Objeko will not fail to tell you about consumer-related news.

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