they knew they couldn’t save him on their own…

A child was excited to finally go home. While crossing the fields, the young boy suddenly hears loud noises. It sounded like someone was screaming for help. Nathan decides to stop and ask what was going on. A minute later, he was already heading towards where the voice came from.

2 children found a puppy

Here it was presented with an alarming image. A little pup was drowning in the water, so the poor animal was trying to stay afloat as best he could. Weak and muddy, he was wading in desperation, very scared and in dire need of help.

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The children nearby tried with all their might to approach him and reach out to grab him. It was a very difficult situation, because they too could fall. They also did not know the contents of the water, as it was very dark.

From time to time, the dog stopped and grabbed the edge with his paws, he tried to climb the wall, but it seemed impossible for him. The kids kept trying, but couldn’t get him out of the water.

Eventually, one of them managed to grab him with his hands, and decided to take him home temporarily to safety. When he arrived he showered him and washed off all the mud. He brushed him off and took care of him.

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All this made the boy very attached to the dog, so much so that he considered adopting it himself instead of giving it to another family. His mother agreed and the puppy stayed with them.

It all seemed to be the work of fate. Thanks to this sad incident, the boy was able to adopt a new puppy and give him a better life, without a doubt.

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