They poach 17 animals at night and get a few hours of TIG!

The Bordeaux Criminal Court has rendered its judgment concerning the case of the 3 poachers of Saint-Symphorien, Salles, Budos and Préchac in the South-West of France.

As a reminder, 3 men were arrested in May 2021 for proven poaching between November 2020 and January 2021, i.e. in full confinement. In total, at least 17 animal animals were poached at night in a vehicle by the 3 men, none of whom had a hunting license: a deer killed with buckshot, 8 deer, 6 rabbits and a fox.

On May 4, 3 months in prison had been requested for the poachers, the Bordeaux court finally chose to inflict only a few hours of community service on them…

Thus the 3 men, childhood friends, will have to perform 140 hours of TIG, if possible in the environment specifies the court, if necessary they will obtain 4 months of suspended prison sentence. Suffice to say that the 3 poachers will therefore neither prison nor work of general interest! Disgusting.

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