This district of Le Havre is infested with spikelets, dangerous for the health of animals

The Docks district, in Le Havre, is invaded by spikelets, small plant spikes that are dangerous for animals.
The Docks district, in Le Havre, is invaded by spikelets, small plant spikes that are dangerous for animals. (©DR)

Residents of the neighborhood Docksto Havre (Seine Maritime), “are fed up and feel helpless, according to Stéphanie, one of them. Some plan to move, the place having become too dangerous for their four-legged companion”.

He goes in but doesn’t come out

The problem she points to is an “invasion of spikelets”, which can be harmful to animals. These are small prickly and notched plant ears. Once they penetrate the flesh – most often between the fingers, in the ears, the eyelids and by inhalation – they do not come out.

Once he has returned, he moves on and travels. Sometimes we have to open to get it.

Joffre Veterinary Clinic

Although the veterinarians at the Joffre clinic, who regularly encounter this type of problem in summer, assure that it is not fatal, the ear can however lead to abscesses – when it reaches the respiratory tract – or infections.

“Several dogs had to be taken care of”

Stéphanie therefore asks the town hall of Le Havre “to take rapid measures in order to avoid possible tragedies. Several dogs had to be taken care of by veterinary emergencies because of the spikelets, causing the animals to suffer, and operations. Not to mention the costs associated with these interventions! »

“In accordance with the” Labbé law “, since 2017, communities no longer have the right to use phytosanitary products (PPh), the only known effective way to fight against the development of spikelets”, replies the City. And to recall that “the health regulations provide that dogs can only circulate on public roads in urban areas if they are kept on a leash. This prevents them from venturing into high-risk areas.

Finally, the town hall of Le Havre indicates that a caniparc of 4,000m² was installed in 2019 in the Montgeon Forest“to allow pets to evolve in a safe environment”, ensuring that others should emerge in the coming years.

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