This Golden Retriever’s Daily Ritual Is As Fun As It Is Endearing

Labrador Retrievers are known for their swimming skills; Thunder is no exception. The latter regularly swims across a lake… to find friends at a campsite!

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On July 9, 2021, The Dodo told the amusing and touching story of a Labrador Retriever by the name of Thunder. The furball lives with his family in a beautiful green setting. To the delight of the canine, the house is located on the edge of a magnificent lake. On the opposite bank is a campsite that he particularly likes.

Amanda Vermeer, who worked there for a long time and who continues to frequent it as a client, knows the dog well. And for good reason ! Come rain or shine, Thunder swims across the body of water every day. For Amanda and other regulars of the place, the daily visits of the animal no longer represent a source of astonishment.


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A swimming enthusiast

The Labrador, which blew its 11e candle this year, can’t help but join his friends standing on the other side of the lake. His relatives have tried many times to dissuade him… without success. Thunder always achieves its ends. Clever and determined, he found a way to escape their surveillance.

According Amanda Vermeer, the swim across is the favorite part of his getaway. ” I also think he really enjoys walking from campsite to campsite saying hello to everyone and seeing how far he can go before he gets caught “, she added.

Often, the adorable visitor receives delicious treats which he obviously accepts with a good heart!

Illustration of the article: Video: this Golden Retriever's daily ritual is as fun as it is endearing

© Amanda Vermeer

The dog never comes home swimming

He’s always so proud of himself when he hits the shore and comes out of the water, like he’s saying, “Tada! Look, I’ve arrived!”“, indicated not without a smile Amanda Vermeer.

You should know that the “professional swimmer” never returns by criss-crossing the lake. As soon as he sets foot in the campsite, the regulars warn his owner. Knowing well the little ritual of Thundermany of them kept his phone number!

After touring the campers, the Labrador climbs into his adopter’s van and heads home… already thinking about his next adventure.

Illustration of the article: Video: this Golden Retriever's daily ritual is as fun as it is endearing

© Amanda Vermeer

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