This magic and infallible trick to eliminate flies with only 55 cents

There’s nothing worse than having flies when you eat, when you rest or also when you have an aperitif. They can sometimes hover around us for hours and drive us crazy. Today Once Upon a Pub offers you a natural and inexpensive solution to permanently get rid of flies!

Why do flies come to your house?

Whether it’s summer or winter, it’s certainly the thing that can quickly drive us crazy. Imagine yourself in the middle of a family meal, or having an aperitif or resting and there, you see a fly hovering around you. It turns, turns again and again even if it drives you crazy. And the worst part is that they managed to get in, but they rarely manage to come out.

To prevent it from coming in, you have to understand why they are there? There are two kinds of flies. There are house flies and fruit flies. The first are there because you have left food lying around and they are decomposing. They come to many above to feed. It is therefore necessary to be careful to clean the dishes, the leftover food and to close your trash can.

The second kind of flies come home to feed on the sugar from ripe fruits or the sugar present in your home. They may be attracted to old apricots or leftover soda in a glass. To prevent this from happening, put your fruit in a covered fruit basket. And when you drink a drink with sugar, a soda or a juice, remember to clean your glasses well. A splash of water and you’re done.

Now that you know why flies come to your house, we will see how to get rid of it in a natural and cheap way.

The natural solution at €0.55 to get rid of it effortlessly!

We saw earlier in the article why flies come home to you. You know how to prevent them from doing so. But if despite all that, you still have some, discover the natural technique to have no more.

And this tip comes from a video posted on TikTok by Ceith Griffith. First, take an empty plastic water bottle. You have to cut off the top of the bottle. So you will have two elements.

Then in the bottom of the bottle, it is necessary to put 4 tablespoons of sugar, one of honey and a little water. Mix everything to make a homogeneous and very liquid paste. The mixture should be in the bottom of the bottle you cut out.

Last step, you have to add over the top of the bottle that you cut out, but by putting the neck at the bottom. Thereby, the flies will be attracted by the sugar and the honey, they will enter through the neck, but will no longer be able to get out. Moreover, with their wings covered in honey, they will no longer be able to fly. Place several containers with this technique in your home. And you will see that in less than an hour, you will have no more flies.

Ceith Griffith’s video was a big hit on TikTok and has already surpassed hundreds of thousands of views. Like what, you are not alone in wanting to get rid of flies. And what is good with this technique is that it is natural and above all it only costs 0.55€ to do it.

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