This Niçoise said goodbye to processed foods: she gives her advice to better control what we put on our plates

For more than a month now, as part of our Summer Solutions file, we have been exposing the risks of food poisoning on your health. Above all, we give expert advice to limit the damage. Look carefully at the labels, respect the cold chain, adopt the right gestures when preparing your meals… In most cases, poisonings are avoidable.

Ingrid Chanefo opted for an even more radical decision.

Firstly for health reasons, this Nice woman has banned processed foods from her shopping cart. Or rather from his basket. Because she no longer buys in supermarkets, but in bulk grocery stores, at cooperatives or at the market. She thus ensures the origin and quality of the products she cooks, and avoids unpleasant surprises. Say goodbye to chemical additives such as sweeteners, preservatives, added sugars and fats. (Almost) perfect control of the food chain.

Want to get into it? It’s not always easy to find the time or the motivation. So for a smooth transition, Ingrid advises to start by buying local.

On the inspiration side, she reveals an ultra-simple recipe for an essential part of our summer aperitifs: hummus.

Ingrid actually offers cooking classes on the internet. And she does not intend to stop there. Former researcher and coordinator at the embassy in Santiago, Chile, she is now working on opening her own vegan, organic, local and gluten-free restaurant, soon in Nice. To be continued.


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