this restaurant voted “worst KFC in the world” by Internet users on TripAdvisor

Lack of hygiene, services of deplorable quality, bad food… The KFC restaurant in Northwich, Cheshire, has been voted “worst KFC in the world” by Internet users in the United Kingdom.

In recent years, netizens have flocked to TripAdvisor to voice their displeasure. On the website, the restaurant is rated one star with no less than 243 reviews: “There was hair in my hot wings,” says a customer. “The chicken was so dry it had no taste. You wouldn’t even give it to your dog,” another wrote.

The restaurant’s service is also widely criticized by Internet users: “The service at the counter is absolutely horrible. I waited 25 minutes this afternoon around 3pm for two meals. I will never eat there again”.

Some have come to love KFC Northwich over time, however, as evidenced by the review of a man named James, who gave the restaurant five stars: “Jacob was amazing that day and was a great help. Also the chicken wasn’t too bad”.

The Daily Star contacted the establishment, which did not wish to react to these bad reviews.


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