this supermarket offers 40€ of groceries for only 1€

After the back-to-school allowance, this supermarket takes the lead. Impossible to miss this exceptional good plan!

This supermarket upsets all your bearings!

Since the spring of 2020, life for the French has looked like a waking nightmare. Forced to acclimatize to episodes of more or less strict confinement, bankers are sounding the alarm. And it is not the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine that will calm things down. Due to inflation, the price of basic necessities is breaking records. In addition, a global shortage of mustard is causing trouble on supermarket shelves. A few days before the start of the school year, how are we going to fill the children’s school bags without leaving feathers in it? Fortunately, thanks to a colorful promotion, a brand will tickle the curiosity of its customers. Objeko make the point !

Will government aid be enough?

Since August 16, the payment of the back-to-school allowance offers a valuable boost families with low incomes. However, the opposition wants to set the record straight. For the past few days, tension has been rising in the National Assembly as the deputies have been torn about this. In these difficult times, instead of blindly trusting parents, the Republicans are proposing to better regulate the expenses related to this aid at the supermarket. Who will have the last word ? The mystery remains!

About the back-to-school bonus, the government is already working on it. Aware of having their work cut out for them, ministers try to please some without harming others. What a puzzle! Fortunately, this supermarket is going to have a great idea to appease the spirits. It’s obvious, Objeko never seen this!

This supermarket throws a stone into the pond

If you do at least forty euros of shopping, Casino offers you a voucher of 39 euros. This basket will therefore cost you one euro! Usable in the supermarket closest to your home or your work, you must reach 100 euros to deduct it. After having collected his list of school supplies, your child can use it extensively to obtain his notebooks, pens and all the material necessary for his learning. It will be understood, this trick to reduce costs should convince. To Objekowe think in particular of all the participants of the show Large families. Each week, they organize themselves to identify good deals. At Amandine Pellissard, it’s effervescence. She admits designing her menus by strolling through the shelves. Fortunately, Leo is there to help him transport and store his multiple shopping carts. There is no doubt that the super plan we have just discussed won’t escape him ! The rest, we will tell you about it in our next issue!

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