This tweet from Elon Musk could cost him $1 billion! It’s expensive to joke

The image actually comes from Magical Girl of The End, created by Kentaro Sato, and published in 2013 by publisher Akita Shoten. The French version of the manga is published by Akata. We see the character of Aya Asagiri crying when Mr. Asagiri, her father, confesses to her that she was adopted. A scene from chapter 103. This meme has become popular on the networks.

>> Twitter: discovering this novelty, Elon Musk freaked out and everything was fired in just 2 hours <<

…and the mangaka demands $1 billion from Elon Musk

Kentaro Sato, the mangaka, decided to claim money from Elon Musk for using this sketch without his permission. And the artist is asking for a nice sum for copyright: 1 billion dollars. “Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, reused my image on Twitter without permission, so please give me 1 billion for usage fees, in dollars” he tweeted.

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