Three new Asian restaurants have set up in Amiens this summer

After a slew of fast-food outlets open throughout the year, it seems that people from Amiens now want to eat Asian food.

Even if a good majority of Amiens are on vacation, commercial life does not stop there. Asian restaurants are springing up like shiitakes in the streets of the city center. Thai, Japanese… there’s something for everyone.

Okinawa, the all-you-can-eat sushi that thinks big

This is the place to be for fans of raw fish. Sushi, maki, teppanyaki, yakitoris, dozens of references all in an exotic atmosphere. “We have a menu with classics that everyone knows, but also more sophisticated and refined dishes served in the evening such as eel rolls, flambé rolls or even salmon carpaccios”, explains one of the employees.

Tokyo-inspired dining room at Okinawa – DELATTRE Caroline

Alcoves with futons for dining
Alcoves with futons for dining – DELATTRE Caroline

Everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail at 7 rue Léon-Blum. “People who come here are seduced by the decoration, we have even installed slightly more intimate alcoves where we eat sitting on futons, we are often told that when we walk through the door we are in another city, we disconnect”.

Meals served on the spot at Okinawa
Meals served on the spot at Okinawa – DELATTRE Caroline

Everything is so well thought out that the all-you-can-eat formulas it offers can be ordered via tablets so that the service is as smooth as possible.

Order tablet at Okinawa
Order tablet at Okinawa – DELATTRE Caroline

Fufu brings back the noodle specialist

Installed since the beginning of July at the Quai Bélu, they are great noodle specialists. The brand already has many restaurants all over France and has established itself in Amiens with the aim of conquering stomachs with their authentic formula of traditional meals on the go.

Fufu ramen at quay belu
Fufu ramen at the quay belu – DELATTRE Caroline

Ramen, gyozas, grilled ravioli or even donburi, at their home “we speak Japanese, we cook in front of people, the world also comes for the folklore of this type of cuisine”, explains Eleàna, one of the managers.

Ramen from fufu ramen
Ramen from fufu ramen – DELATTRE Caroline

Bangkok, the Thai chef sauce

This new restaurant located at 3 rue des Sergents a few blocks from the cathedral is the idea of one of the top 5 Thai chefs in the world. Oth Sombath was for example invited to the jury of the Bocuse d’or 2021. And it was in Amiens that he decided to come and launch the first restaurant of his new brand of traditional Thai dish.

Bangkok Paris/ Amiens Thai restaurant
Bangkok Paris/ Amiens Thai restaurant – DELATTRE Caroline

With his experience and especially the seasoned hands of four cooks freshly arrived from Thailand, he hopes to seduce. “We make with fresh products, good Pad Thai, Khao Phad or even Mi Phad, there is the possibility of choosing its accompaniment or its meats. The only difference with Thai recipes is the chilli, because no European eats chilli like we do. »

Thai dish with noodles
Thai dish with noodles – DELATTRE Caroline

Even if some dishes are healthier than others, it’s a change from downtown fries and burgers.


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