Timal: after being sentenced for hitting his dog, the rapper speaks out

It’s a shocking video posted on Snapchat that put rapper Timal in trouble. For hitting his dog, he was fined on Friday, September 2. Today, he speaks out.

The reactions were immediate after a video posted by rapper Timal on Snapchat on Tuesday August 30, 2022. Internet users could find out kick your dog in unprecedented violence. The journalist Hugo Clément, fervent defender of the animal cause, reacted instantly by denouncing the facts. In an Instagram post, he explained that the foundation 30 Million friends filed a complaint against the singer. Placed in police custody on August 31, 2022, Timal admitted his guilt before the court of Meaux renders its decision. The artist’s two dogs have been taken to safety withAction Animal Protection. For his part, the rapper was condemned for “acts of cruelty to a domestic animal”. He will have to pay a fine of 6,000 euros and will not be able to adopt a pet for five years.

Timal opens up about his mistakes

To justify his act, the rapper had explained his gesture by his desire to educate him. This speech hit the mark and even if Booba defended him, Timal did not miss the criticism. On Twitter and Instagram, September 2, 2022, he spoke again to apologize. “To all, I am so aware of the gravity of what I have done. I apologize to all those who follow me or who knew me by this act”he wrote.

Apart from his apologies, the singer said he committed “a mistake in the education of Vatos”. According to him, the video does not reflect the relationship he has with his dog. “I adopted him as a child, and I loved him.” He is sorry for the consequences of his act which caused him to lose his two dogs. He who has already discharged his sentence declared that he was committing “to help animal protection associations in the future”. He will do this in order to “contribute to animal welfare” and this “empower”. It remains to be seen whether these words will make us forget the cruelty of his gesture…

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