“Too much mayo in the sandwich”: an employee killed


In Atlanta, a man unhappy with his order opened fire on two employees.

At the origin of the drama, a banal conflict over the contents of a sandwich.

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A man opened fire around 6:30 p.m. Sunday at a Subway restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. He killed a 24-year-old employee and seriously injured one of his colleagues, 26, who is also the sister of the deceased. The shooter, 36, was arrested in the evening.

At the origin of this drama we find a very futile reason, reports CBS: the man was unhappy with the sandwich he had ordered. The dispute broke out and the shooter was furious because there was “too much mayo in his sandwich”, in Charles Hampton’s words. Jr., Deputy Chief of Atlanta Police…

The police officer pointed to gun violence, which again “devastated” a family and loved ones. “It’s something crazy, yes, too much mayonnaise on the sandwich. But again, an individual with a firearm decided that using it was the way to go to resolve a conflict,” said Charles Hampton.

CBS specifies that the 5-year-old son of the seriously injured employee was in the establishment during the tragedy. He was not touched but witnessed the whole scene. The police noted that he will certainly have to be accompanied for the trauma suffered.

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