Top 7 Easy-to-Care Pets

There are plenty of good reasons to adopt a pet. Not only does it bring joy to your home, but also empower your children. Unsurprisingly, the most adopted pets, both in town and in the countryside, are cats and dogs. The problem with these four-legged friends is that you have to give them plenty of time for their walks and maintenance. Luckily, there are a plethora of less demanding pets that you can still snuggle up with. Here are 7.

The goldfish

Among the easy-to-maintain pets, you can set your sights on goldfish. He only asks you for food and clean water. However, its health benefits are numerous. According to several studies, it is enough to observe this small animal to lower blood pressure.

However, goldfish produce a lot of waste. It is therefore better to invest in a filter tank and in aquarium gravel to avoid frequent water changes.

The guinea pig

At first glance, the guinea pig captivates with its fluffy fur. But this is not the only advantage of this small rodent. It is also less demanding in terms of maintenance. He certainly needs to do some exercises daily, but can be educated. You can therefore let him out within your home and expect him to return to his cage on his own for his needs.

the hamster

The hamster is without a doubt one of the best pets to cuddle. Most of the time, he is happy to be left alone as long as he has fresh water, a nice cage and hamster food available. You can win her affection by occasionally bringing her a treat.

The budgerigar

The budgerigar has the merit of being extremely sociable. She loves interacting with humans, and even with other birds and animals. It imitates sounds and voices and copies behaviors. However, you can train your feathered partner to respond to commands and signals.

On the maintenance side, the budgerigar just needs a spacious cage, a perch, water, food and some reflective sound toys.

The crested gecko

The crested gecko is one of the easiest reptiles to keep. Unlike other reptiles, it does not need additional UV light and requires very little care.

Recognized for not biting, this adorable little reptile that seems to smile constantly can be handled. You can find it in a range of patterns and brilliant colors. Just like the lizard, the crested gecko can also camouflage itself under another color.

The corn snake

The corn snake remains one of the best-known domestic reptiles. Soft in nature, it also stands out for its brightly colored skin that you can admire if you don’t want to handle it.

To raise it, you need a terrarium equipped with two hiding places (one cold and one hot) and a large bowl of water. Also add decorative accessories with a rough surface where it can rub during moulting.

The domestic chinchilla

If you’re looking for a cute, low-maintenance pet, the domestic chinchilla might be just the thing for you. But be careful, he doesn’t like to be held too much, he is a companion to be admired from a distance. Consider keeping two, as they are a social animal.

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