Toulouse: fryer on fire at O’Tacos, two people slightly intoxicated by the fumes

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A malfunction of a fryer caused great fear to the employees of 0’Tacos, Saint-Michel district in Toulouse, Saturday August 27. The extremely rapid intervention of the firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to the entire restaurant.

No less than 19 firefighters from the Lougnon and Vion barracks intervened in the middle of the morning, Saturday August 27, in the Saint-Michel district, in Toulouse, for a fire in a building which has four floors.

The fire broke out on the ground floor of the building in the premises of the O’Tacos restaurant chain. According to firefighters, the accident was due to the malfunction of a fryer.

The combustion of the machine generated quite significant fumes. Two of the nine people present in the restaurant at the time of the disaster were slightly poisoned by these fumes. They were taken care of on the spot by the emergency services.

The firefighters quickly contained the start of the fire and prevented the flames from invading the entire business and spreading to the upper floors.

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