Trading, Tips and Methods to Earn Coins in FIFA 23 FUT Mode

Discover here all our tips and methods for Trading in order to earn credits for the FUT mode of FIFA 23. The idea here is therefore to explain trading techniques to you, but also regular advice on trading cards and the best filters. Trading is a legal activity in FUT (when you follow the rules), allowing players to improve their team without having to spend real money.

Update : Updated from Thursday, September 22 at 6 p.m.

Important : Trading is nevertheless risky, especially when you do not diversify your activities. Although for years we have made very good profits, losing credits on some investments is absolutely normal. The market is sometimes unpredictable and some positions are riskier than others. In addition, EA has in the past changed its content following leaks, losing some calls.

Feel free to ask us for advice and ask questions in the comment section.

Our trading tips as of September 22

At the moment, the market is particularly slow, both on consoles and on PC. So don’t take any risks. Here are our tips:

Sniping filters

  • Germany / Striker / Rare / Gold
  • England / DC / Rare / Gold
  • England / MC / Rare / Gold
  • Argentina / Midfielder / Serie A / Rare / Gold
  • Brazil / Defender / Rare / Gold
  • France / DC / Rare / Gold
  • France / Defender / Rare / Gold
  • Italy / Defender / Rare / Gold
  • Netherlands / CB / Rare / Gold
  • Portugal / Defender / Rare / Gold

The goal here is to find one or more players that meet these criteria and bet on any cards that look at least 10-15% below market price.

When and how much : Resell at market price, immediately.

Snipe Cards, Trading Solutions

  • Tagliafico, CEO, Lyon<1k
  • Icardi, ST, Galatasaray <350
  • Romero, DC, Tottenham <1.8k
  • Martinez, MD, Al Nassr <350

These cards are highly sought after with the aim of achieving the DCE Premier XI, one of the most difficult in FIFA 23. Bet following our prices, not above. Icardi and Martinez can easily be obtained for 300 and resold for 450.

When and how much : Resell with a margin of 20-25%, immediately.

Big Posters, Trading Solutions

  • Portugal, DC, Gold <350
  • Spain, DC, Gold <350
  • Germany, Defender, Gold <350
  • England, DC, Gold <350

If the DCE Big Posters is published tonight (Thursday September 22 at 7 p.m.), we would expect to see the Portugal vs Spain and Germany vs England duels published. Thus, the easiest way is to bet on DCs or even defenders, in the Gold version, at the lowest price.

When and how much : Resell with a margin of 20%, immediately after the release of the DCE or Leaks.

Why Trade on FIFA 23?

Trading (purchase-resale as some like to call it) is a simple technique, which consists of earning credits by playing on the transfer market. Thus, you buy cards at a low price to resell them by making a capital gain in the process.

A few rules though:

  • EA will take 5% commission on all your sales
  • Relisting a card does not cost credit
  • You are limited to 100 cards in the transfer list
  • Only tradable cards can be placed on the transfer market

Trading is legal but a few situations can result in a (usually temporary) ban from the market.

What is not legal in FUT trading:

  • Use a bot to snipe cards
  • Resell a cheap card to a friend
  • Buy cards much more expensive than their market price

Note that in case of violation, your account could be banned from the transfer market. Multiple violations will result in a permanent ban from the market for your account.

The best trading techniques on FUT

We present here the most proven techniques in order to be able to use them easily. Note that examples will be given to you in this section, they are not trading advice but only examples.

Outside the packs, OOP

It is the simplest method, the least time-consuming and surely one of the most profitable. All it requires is being able to anticipate the Team of the Week (TOTW) or upcoming special cards as much as possible. Indeed, when a player receives a special version (outside DCE), his basic version disappears from the packs during the period when the special card is available. At this time, this base card becomes rarer because it is impossible to pack. From then on, players looking to complete DCEs or obtain the base card will be forced to purchase it on the transfer market.

How to do ?

  • Anticipate the upcoming TOTW/MOTM by watching match results or by following our predictions and leaks on Gamosaurus
  • Anticipate cards in upcoming promos by following our leaks
  • Buy at the lowest price, potentially on Sunday noon (with the opening of Clashs rewards) or Thursday (Rivals rewards) the Gold versions of these players
  • Resell as soon as the first leaks appear (to avoid taking risks) or during the week for more profits but more risks

The most profitable cards are often those used regularly in DCE, typically a DD/DG from a major nation and major league.

Note : Players transferred during the season are also excellent targets for this method. It is enough to follow the Mercato to anticipate the departure of a card from the game. Indeed, the vast majority of players undergoing a transfer during the season see the basic card disappear in favor of the new one in their new club. These cards, having disappeared forever from the packs, can generally see their price be multiplied by 5 in a few weeks.

Trading Solutions

The idea here is simple, you anticipate the solutions generally used by players, in the DCE to come. For example, a DCE Player of the Month (POTM) from Haaland, will surely require several players from the English league and at least a Manchester City card. By betting on cards from that league and club in advance, you can expect a good profit when the DCE is released because players are going to need those cards to complete it.

The best DCEs for trading solutions:

  • DCE Big Posters
  • The POTMs
  • Early Season Advanced DCEs (Premier XI, Puzzle Master, Around the World)

Flipping, the opportunistic resale purchase

A technique that requires more time and know-how, Flipping requires knowing market trends and prices. Indeed, the idea is simple: buy a cheap card to resell it when its price increases again. However, finding the bottom of the market is not easy, as is identifying a possible rise in prices.

To explain the method a bit, you will need to identify specific cards and times for it to be profitable. But then again, Gamosaurus is here to help! The favorable times to buy are generally at night during the week, the hour following the release of content (Wednesday at 7 p.m. in connection with the Team of the week, Friday at 7 p.m. with the release of a new event) and during the arrival of new packs (Thursday afternoon following the Rivals packs, Sunday noon with the Clash packs).

These periods are more favorable because players open packs at this time, bringing a surplus of cards to the market, which tends to lower prices. Again, play on the auction, identify the cards that seem to lose value and bet as little as possible. The idea will be to resell quickly afterwards to make a profit.

Flipping will be more effective during the FUT season but could work during the first days, especially during the different stages of the release. A first influx of cards will arrive on Wednesday 21, then a second on Monday 26 and finally, Friday September 30 with the official release of the game.

To remember about Flipping:

  • All cards are affected, but mainly Meta cards (used by players)
  • Take advantage of spontaneous market drops to buy (rewards, new promo, sales)
  • Buy as low as possible, betting at the last moment (snipe)
  • Resell quickly if you have not identified a significant upside period
  • Do not take risks, diversify your investments
  • Initially get used to flipping the same cards to learn price variations

So much for all our advice, calls and explanations in order to understand and master trading and thus earn credits in FIFA 23’s FUT mode. You can also find cheap solutions to all the DCEs in the game as well as all the news major Esport competitions on our Gamosaurus FIFA portal.

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