Trading training: which one to choose?

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Updated on Jul 15, 2022 at 3:28 p.m.

Today, there are a multitude of players on the Internet who offer training in trading. Most are opportunists who take advantage of the gullibility of their customers. However, some stand out for the professionalism of the content they offer, this is particularly the case of InteractivTrading, Alti Trading or EnBourse.

How to learn trading?

Which sites offer trading training: 3 concrete examples

  • InteractivTrading or ivt trading was founded in 2013 by Rodolphe Steffan. Having worked in the front office (trading room) of Société Générale and then as a financial auditor and wealth manager in Switzerland, he decided to put his expertise at the service of his clients.

The Interactiv Trading site offers a range of trading training courses for all levels depending on the assets traded (indexes, stocks, cryptos). The platform also offers video articles posted by technical analyst Xavier Fenaux.

In addition, members also have access to a community space through a Facebook group managed by the site administrators.

  • Launched in 2016 by Alexandre Leclair, Alti Trading is another reference in terms of trading training in the French-speaking world. The site also offers a varied range of training courses, ranging from the most beginner to the most experienced.

Here too, the trading strategies and styles are diversified, ranging from swing trading to day trading through crypto trading.

Alti Trading is also recognized for having a very large community on the networks with, among other things, a Facebook group which has nearly 40,000 subscribers.

  • In stock exchange was born in 2012 from the reflections of Sylvain March, its founder. After 4 years traveling around the world after leaving his job in 2008 to make a living from trading, he created the EnBourse blog to share his points of view and discuss with other passionate traders.
Overview of the various Stock Market training courses
EnBourse offers a wide range of training

Today EnBourse not only involves training but also an entire ecosystem that revolves around it and around twenty employees who work on the project.

Choose the trading training adapted to your needs:

EnBourse has chosen to centralize everything on its platform to find your way around more easily. Thus, the site offers a lot of different resources.

Centralizing different trading tools makes it possible to gain in productivity. You can on the same site: analyze your graphs (quotation tool), identify the best opportunities (Autosignal™, infotrader™, Position calculator) write them down in a journal (trading diary), and share them with members (Forum, Elite™).

But a complete platform also means free content with high added value. In addition to the trading tools already mentioned (quotation, calculator, newspaper) many other resources are available for free access on EnBourse.

With its editorial department, the EnBourse team offers you a very comprehensive stock market dictionary: Boursopedia. In parallel, the news center brings together the latest hot news, tips and complete files on the stock market, cryptos and the economy in general.

EnBourse news center
A very extensive news center

Not to mention the free lives hosted by Sylvain himself and the youtube videos available for replay on the channel.

Finally, good trading training also includes trainers accessible to the public. This is one of the strengths of EnBourse: a founder who is live daily with his community to share his feelings on his lunchtime show: Crypto Rider.

And if you want to meet the team in physical it is also possible: each year EnBourse organizes its “keynote” in Paris to report on the progress made during the year and future projects with its users.

In addition, the team has chosen not to disperse too much on networks like Facebook or Twitter and to develop its own proprietary platform to develop its community aspect: Stock Exchange Elite™.

How to avoid the traps of Telegram trading groups?

Train in trading and be well supported

If there is one essential but often underestimated thing in trading, it is support. If training and content with high added value are an incompressible basis, the way in which the trader will be supported as he progresses is an important part of his success or failure.

This is why EnBourse provides you with a fully digital trading room: Stock Exchange Elite™.

You will find a lively and lively market room for interact with other traders and supervisors on the best opportunities of the moment, in writing, orally or by video.

EnBourse Elite Trading Room
Example of sharing on the EnBourse Elite™ trading room

Each day them coaches animate lives to analyze, correct, take live trades with you. In addition, they ensure a presence every day at the various shows to best support your progress.

Of the educational content is also available in the academy to improve your skills or learn more about a wide variety of subjects such as:

  • Taxation
  • crypto farming
  • real estate…

Another major advantage: the coaches share their best trades as well as thereal-time evolution of their asset portfolio.

And to top it all off: this year the team is launching a ” hedge fund » within the trading room itself! You will be able to follow its performance transparently and the best students will even earn the right to manage the funds alongside Sylvain.

Ultimately, EnBourse Elite ™ is THE ultimate service to succeed in your trading. If trading training is the foundation of your success, Elite™ is the best way to increase your learning speed tenfold:

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