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Through its platform and its French-speaking community, Le Trading du Coin now offers several training courses dedicated to crypto-currencies, as well as an automated investment system that is both transparent and secure.

Despite their bad press, cryptocurrencies are on the rise today; the share of French people who have invested in cryptocurrencies has thus just exceeded the number of holders of direct shares.

Launched in 2017, Trading du Coin is the training and investment center of the Journal du Coin, the first French-speaking media entirely dedicated to cryptocurrencies. A true reference in the field of crypto-trading, the company offers its members two types of training: a first oriented towards investing in cryptocurrencies, to learn to master essential knowledge, and a second focused, for its part, on active trading.

An automated crypto investment system

Through its platform, Coin Trading also offers a fully automated crypto investment system, allowing people who are short of time to delegate part of their capital, so that it can be invested in the best possible way.

Thanks to the platform’s algorithm, which takes hundreds of parameters into consideration before making its choices, members’ funds will be able to be invested intelligently, depending on market variations. ” Through this algorithm and the expertise of the Coin Trading teams, we buy and resell for you, according to bullish or bearish market trends, while protecting the capital of our members says Fran├žois Bartsch, in charge of business development.

A transparent investment platform

The crypto investment offered by Trading du Coin is also synonymous with transparency: each month, the platform posts detailed results on its website as to the effectiveness of its algorithm, whether it has experienced increased performance or down.

Although any investment involves a share of risk for the user, he nevertheless remains in control of his funds by being able to withdraw his money from the platform at any time, if necessary.

A study conducted by KPMG at the request of the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (Adan), presented at Bercy last January, told us that nearly 10% of French people have already invested in crypto-currencies during of the last few months. Faced with the opacity of this environment, Coin Trading today wishes to offer a platform that is both transparent and educational, where everyone can learn the basics of crypto investment at their own pace, with maximum security.

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