Tronville. His dog Bouba is taken away from him, he shoots six times in the air in front of the mayor’s home

“Too bad the opposing party is not there, I would have liked to apologize to the mayor. It was too far, it’s my first real skid … “, recognizes the defendant, this Tuesday, June 28, before the court of Val de Briey. The thoughtful attitude of the young man contrasts with the facts of which he is accused. On December 7, he appeared in front of the home of the mayor of Tronville, driving his car, before shooting several times in the air. The chosen one, absent at the time of the detonations, had been informed by his son of the misdeed.

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A dispute with the neighbors

“It was certainly an alarm pistol with blank bullets but unless you have a sharp ear, it is very difficult to tell the difference with a real weapon”, specifies the judge. At the origin of the shootings, a neighborhood dispute about Bouba, the defendant’s dog, who had just been taken away from him as part of a legal procedure. It was this event that triggered a mad desire for reprisals in the twenty-something, convinced that he had always behaved well with the pet.

The son was playing at the console

At the time of moving to the requisitions, the prosecutor claims a sentence of six months of simple suspension and a citizenship course. In his argument, Me Kremser, the defendant’s lawyer, insists on the absence of the mayor during the shots.

“He was not present at his home and therefore cannot be declared a victim, this is what the case law indicates. As for his son, he was playing the console when he heard the shots. Was there an emotional shock? It is very debatable in this case…” The defender nevertheless recognizes that his client’s gesture is reprehensible from a moral point of view. The case was adjourned to July 7, 2022.

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