Tunisia – Italian tourists denounce: “Raw food and dirty rooms”

A hotel in Djerba was the subject of an article in the Italian newspaper ”Corriere della Sera” titled “4-star resort in Tunisia, tourists denounce: ”Raw food, dirt and tiles that peel off”. The article talks about the catastrophic service and the disappointments encountered by customers. It’s a big blow to the Tunisia destination which is trying hard to recover. Because similar problems are reported in Hammamet, Sousse, Monastir and Mahdia. Afterwards, we can carry out promotional campaigns with millions of euros, it won’t work. We reproduce below a translation of the article to appeal to those concerned by the sector.

By Alessio Di Sauro

Bloodstained sheets, insects in the dishes, holes in the walls. Yet Bravo Club – a brand of the Alpitour group – had even disturbed the Homeric poems to advertise its tourist village in Tunisia: “At the end of his Odyssey Odysseus returned to Ithaca – we read in the brochure – but only because at the time he could not have stopped at the Bravo Yadis Resort”.

Perhaps, after confronting Polyphemus, it would have been too much even for the Achaean hero: at least it would suggest the stories of about fifty customers of the Maghreb hotel, who would have lived the odyssey, the real . More than twenty families united – for the most part – by Lombard origins and the desire to spend a few days of vacation on the shores of the Mediterranean. Photographs in support, they denounce, from now on, a surrealist stay.

Alpitour’s response: “Rare complaints, efficiency consistent with use”

From its headquarters in Turin, the Alpitour group disputes the version of the clientele: “This is a four star hotel – we read in a note from the company – in which 1,506 customers have stayed since the start of the season: only 0.005% of them have expressed a desire to change structure, and we have listened to them and helped them. Our staff is Italian, the service is efficient and professional as usual».

The complaint: “Dirt and unsafe structure”

Testimonials from tourists, however, dispute the company’s version. The itinerary was the same for many: departure from Malpensa, destination Djerba, where they were to find – among other things – entertainment and Italian cuisine. Vain hope, according to holidaymakers: “We immediately noticed that there was not the shadow of an Italian staff, says Loretta Bezzetto, from Milan, and the reception conditions at the hotel were disastrous. The food was practically raw, and it happened, on several occasions, that the waiters put back on the plates what had fallen on the floor. The rooms were dirty, the sheets were never changed: there were hair and red stains, it looked like blood”. But that’s not all : “A tile came off the wall and hit my daughter”continues Bezzetto.

Of the same opinion, Stefania Di Matteo, who had booked seven days with her mother: “The buffet dishes were heated with halogen lamps positioned at eye level: one day one of these lamps exploded, burning a girl. The staff served the children defrosted sandwiches in the sun”.

Photographic evidence speaks of uncovered electrical cables, filthy carpets, rusty showers, hair dryers in the room whose electrical wires are not properly secured with electrical tape, water leaking at the base of the toilets, mold on the walls. “My daughter found a dead fly inside a burger”, says Fabio, from Luino, Varese region, who prefers to remain anonymous. Stefano Fabbri adds another shadow to the picture: “The air conditioning and the fridge weren’t working: I had to leave my daughter’s potties warm”.

The transfer problem

Holidaymakers then request transfer to another structure, but not all of them would have been satisfied: “In my room there was a hole in the wallexplains Giuseppe D’Assisi, from Pavia, but the managers kept saying there was nothing they could do. It was only after threatening to contact the embassy that I got a new accommodation”. Others complain of having less luck: “No one offered me anything”, says Bezzetto. But the Alpitour group does not budge: “We have always responded to the needs of our customers and granted them alternative solutions”.

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