Twitter: how a 20-year-old Frenchman humiliated Elon Musk twice on the social network

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Arkunir, a famous Twitter user, has twice challenged the new boss of the blue bird social network, multi-billionaire Elon Musk, in recent days.

How could a 20-year-old Frenchman get away with the wealthy new Twitter boss, Elon Musk? Arkunir, a famous streamer raging in particular on the Twitch video broadcasting platform, has “ratio” twice to the boss of SpaceX in recent days. But what does “ratio” mean? In the world of Twitter, this expression corresponds to responding to a user’s message and collecting more “likes” than him.

This is what Arkunir did for the first time on November 7, by responding to a tweet from Elon Musk. In a publication, the billionaire wondered: “What do you call someone who is a master of provocation?” Arkunir’s response: “I don’t know, but call it ratio”. It will then have taken a few hours for Arkunir’s tweet to exceed in “likes” that of the new boss of Twitter (73,000 for the Frenchman against 72,000 for the American). As a result, Elon Musk deleted his tweet, sounding like a “terrible” admission of weakness.

The matter does not end there. Arkunir obviously wanted to do it again, since the twittos gave it a layer the next day. Tuesday November 8, Elon Musk tweeted: “Twitter is the worst, but also the best”. Response from the Frenchman: “Where are you going? Take a ratio, and don’t delete this time!” And again, the businessman “took a ratio”: 734,000 likes for the young man, against 635,000 for Elon Musk two days later. But this time, the entrepreneur hasn’t deleted his tweet…yet.

Where are you going? Take this ratio again and don’t delete this time.

— Arkunir (@Arkunir) November 8, 2022

He has “ratio” Emmanuel Macron

Namely that Arkunir is not at his first attempt. In January 2021, he had arrested Emmanuel Macron on the same social network. If the head of state responded to his tweet, the streamer pledged to go around the world on Twitch via Google Street View. Challenge accepted for the President of the Republic, who had launched a “Banco” at the young man. This response forced the streamer to launch a live stream that lasted nearly 126 hours and raised 40,000 euros in donations.

Subsequently, Arkunir replied to the Head of State, dropping: “Thank you Mr. President! But ratio now”. And like Elon Musk, Emmanuel Macron had been beaten by the young man, with 60,000 likes for the influencer against 30,000 for the head of state. Victory by KO

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