Twitter: how Elon Musk was humiliated by a French Internet user?

It is a fashionable formula on Twitter. Writing “ratio” in the comment of a tweet serves to mock the author of the publication. When the “ratio” reply to a tweet creates more reactions (retweets and likes) than the original tweet, then this is seen as a form of humiliation. The gender specialist, the French Arkunir. And his latest victim is none other than Elon Musk, the new boss of Twitter.

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Elon Musk humiliated on his social network

It all starts with a tweet from the billionaire in which he boasts of being “the master of provocation”. Arkunir’s response: “I don’t know but call this ratio”. The challenge is launched… and won in less than an hour by the French tweeters. The number of likes obtained by his “ratio” exceeds that of the boss of Tesla. With its 600,000 subscribers, Arkunir has brought to his knees Elon Musk followed by 115 million users.

Such a humiliation that the new owner of the social network ended up deleting his original tweet, without it being known whether this was due to Arkunir’s “ratio”.

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