Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk: an uncertain future according to Vitalik Buterin

A now unpredictable bird – The co-founder of‘Ethereum (ANDH), Vitalik Buterin, talks about the uncertain future of a Twitter in the hands of an Elon Musk, who can make confusing decisions or sometimes pleasantly surprise.

Vitalik Buterin on Twitter: The social network could be great or terrible

Everything can happen ! During the Singapore FinTech Festival on November 3, Vitalik Buterin shared his insights into the recent acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, and the implications of such a move for the crypto industry.

The Ethereum co-founder called the Tesla founder ” high variance actor “. Elon Musk could “make Twitter really great” as well as “terrible”.

If this second pattern were to occur, Vitalik Buterin believes that it would still be “a good thing”, because the situation could then open up new possibilities for other people to realize ” something really great “.

Ethereum co-founder says he has “no idea what the thing is” – speaking of Twitter– would look like, even in 90 days.

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Freedom of expression or anarchy: a better social network in this decade

Uncertainty thus reigns over the future of the social network, since Elon Musk stormed the premises of Twitter. The billionaire and Changpeng Zhao, with a Binance that is in the list of investors who participated in the purchase, are ready to nest there.

Elon Musk, Changpeng Zhao, and Twitter
Elon Musk and Changpeng Zhao: what future for the crypto industry on social media?

By buying Twitter, officially, Elon Musk wants to ensure that freedom of expression is respected on the social network, at the cost of less strict moderation and thus accepting that any deviations in the tweets are not censored.

On this point, Vitalik Buterin also expressed his annoyance towards dodgy crypto projectswho promote themselves, in particular by flooding their tweets with spam in the comments, and by using fake accounts or hacked accounts.

He believes that a better social network, which could be Twitter as well as alternatives to the blue bird, could emerge in five to ten years. This platform would then solve spam problems, and those relating to security.

Twitter could still have a good head start on its current or future competitors, in solving these problems, if Elon Musk and Binance manage to win the war against bots. Despite the thunderous communication actions – and worrying for some – from the founder of Tesla, at this stage, Elon Musk may not have yet revealed his game as to his true ambitions for Twitter, as well as the real guideline that will trace the future of the social network.

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