Twitter takeover: Did crypto billionaire Sam Bankman Fried approach Elon Musk?

The Gargantua of Cryptos – The emeritus trader and boss of the FTX exchange Sam Bankman-Fried is among the emblematic leaders of the crypto sector. Member of Times magazine’s top 100, billionaire before thirty, SBF seems ubiquitous. Bankman-Fried has made FTX a go-to trading platform and works every day to expand its empire.

This is the story of a trader, an engineer and a blue bird

Unless you’ve spent the last few months under a rock (no worse considering the market), you couldn’t miss Twitter’s takeover bid by Elon Musk. Fervent user of the social network (itself widely used by “crypto bros”), Musk showed interest for the platform during the spring.

Visibly annoyed by the current management of the social network and theinaction against bots and malicious accounts, Musk wanted to take the bull by the horns. At least that’s what we thought at first. Eventually, the Tesla boss subsequently backpedaled and showed himself less pressured by redemption.

Some gossips announced from the outset that the takeover would not take place and that these announcements would allow Musk to sell a large portion of its Tesla shares (to finance the purchase of Twitter), without triggering panic over own stock or markets.

Musk twitter takeover SBF

As of now, the takeover project appears to be stalled, but Musk has likely been pushing the case regardless. Twitter has launched a legal action against him. Justice will determine next October if Elon Musk is obliged to buy the company.

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Sam Bankman-Fried wants to join the nest

The lawsuit initiated by Twitter after Musk’s withdrawal brings us new elements. A series of text messages in the file have been revealed. These exchanges took place between the boss of SpaceX various influential figures in Silicon Valley, including the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

Business Insider reveals that a close adviser to Sam Bankman-Fried approached Elon Musk. Sent in March 2022 by Will MacAskill, here is the content of the sms:

My collaborator Sam Bankman-Fried has for a while been potentially interested in buying it and making it better for the world. If you want to talk with him about a possible joint effort in this direction”.

Business Insider

Elon Musk doesn’t seem to have jumped to the ceiling after this message and the exchanges seem not to have been prolonged. After various interventions for saving crypto actorsIs SBF considering buying Twitter?

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