Two “dangerous dogs” accused of spreading terror in this village, their owner is offended

Christophe Verg├Ęs: “I fear that some people want to poison them…”

They have smelled a presence, so here they are, standing behind their little reserved corner, a few inches from their master’s desk. A caress, and here are Thor and Raja constantly asking for more.

A small piece of candy, and the two shepherds who lick our fingers, taking care not to bite the hand that feeds. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine that these two doggies are the “killer dogs” hated by some of the villagers. And yet, they are the ones who are designated.

After hesitating to express himself, Christophe Verges, manager of the Boutaire garage, cannot help defending them. “These monster qualifications, those who know my dogs well laugh about it. But what hurts me the most is that an animal association has signed this petition!”

“They wanted to play, but not kill”

Christophe Verges does not pay into otherworldliness, however. He acknowledges that his dogs have jumped their 1.80m enclosure on several occasions. Two hens and a rabbit paid the price. “But they seized them to play, not to kill. And since I’m not one to run away from my responsibilities, I compensated. For the cat, I don’t know, but on Facebook, we’re talking about 50 cats, while for some, I had not even acquired my dogs!”

Thor and Raja, scapegoats? Christophe decided to have them examined for a behavioral study, “Serene because there has never been a problem with humans. But by the way, I’m afraid that some people want to poison them”.

And no question of euthanizing them! The Extreme Rescue association, from which Thor came, is already ready to take out its fangs to oppose it. “This shepherd has no behavior problems, and I am surprised by all this commotionnotes Mathieu Delpeut, canine expert in the field. These denunciation panels are shocking and revolting, even if Christophe must make the necessary enclosure to prevent his dogs from wandering. We will do everything to protect them.”


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