Two new cases of avian flu, the fear of the persistence of the virus

We thought the wave had passed, but cases of avian flu seem to be multiplying again in recent weeks. After the discovery of infected birds in Brittany or New Aquitaine, the prefecture of Vendée indicates in turn that the epizootic is likely to return to the department, starting with the town of Les Landes Genusson.

“Several bodies of wild birds were discovered on the pond of the town, two of which, a mute swan and a great egret, were tested positive for avian influenza”, specifies the prefecture. “This unusual situation, never encountered in France until then, raises fears of a risk of endemic persistence of the H5N1 HP virus all year round on the territory”, she continues.

In an attempt to avoid this phenomenon, the entire department has been placed in a temporary control zone. Various precautions must be observed, and in particular “the shelter of all birds, kept by individuals or professionals, in closed buildings or under nets”.

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