UGK Trading: revolutionary day trading training.

A rather aggressive method, “Day trading” (or “session speculation”) consists of buying and selling financial products during the same trading session, in order to take advantage of price fluctuations. In the age of the Internet and its many possibilities, this short-term trading strategy is gaining more and more followers. To master this technique, Faustin Prieux and his training company UGK Trading support novice and more experienced traders.

The success story of Faustin Prieux, founder of UGK Trading

Over the past few years, Faustin Prieux has acquired a perfect command of the financial markets. Born on March 31, 1995 and passionate about the business world, he quickly became an investment advisor (CIF AMF), then Sales Trader (currencies, commodities, shares, indices) and Market Analyst at an international broker based in London. He also collaborates with specialized media as an editor/trading analyst.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Faustin Prieux manages his own investment and trading training company (FPX Swiss Capital). He thus wears several hats: asset manager offering personalized financial investments and trainer supporting individuals and companies in learning how to trade. Present on most social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…), he has also created a YouTube channel (“Faustin Prieux – UGK Trading”) where he shares his trading advice, as well as a website:

Learn to trade for free with UGK Trading!

” Stop dreaming ! Start trading! » explains Faustin Prieux. This is also the catchphrase of his site UGK Trading who suggests going from dream to reality by joining the “Day-trader Pro” program. Accessible to beginners and experienced alike, this online training aims to teach a powerful method: “Day trading”. The objective is to enable apprentice traders to adopt the right reflexes in order to generate stable and sustainable income. For this, the “Day-trader Pro” program combines theoretical training, individual coaching and various advantages. Concretely, it includes:

  • E-learning training (basics of trading, elements of strategy, concrete trades, etc.);
  • One hour of private coaching by videoconference with Faustin Prieux;
  • Support on Skype and Telegram to ask questions to a team of professional traders;
  • A Swiss trading apprenticeship certificate;
  • Unlimited access to updates;
  • Access to UGK BOT for 3 months, a tool allowing in particular to identify the direction of the market.

The little extra of this very complete program? It is possible to access it for free thanks to partnerships with financial institutions! This unique opportunity certainly explains the success of UGK Trading, which trains dozens of clients each month.

In the saturated world of trading training, UGK Trading is far from being just another program among others. Its services stand out by offering coaching from professionals who have actually worked in a financial institution. Faustin Prieux’s company also makes trading (and in particular “day trading”) accessible to as many people as possible. Whether through his Youtube channel or through its online training, individuals can finally try their hand at trading for free, which in itself is a small revolution!

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