Ugo Mola (Toulouse) after the victory against La Rochelle: “We beat a great team”

Ugo Mola, manager of Toulouse, winner of La Rochelle in the play-offs (33-28) “We beat a great team. We all know that when you win a European Cup, you have a euphoria that allows you to do great things. Rugby is all about energy. We had a good first half, we curled up a bit in the second half. That takes nothing away from La Rochelle, which won a European Cup brilliantly.

“We will need a stronger Stade Toulousain than tonight in the semi-finals”

From the beginning, we never have anything that smiles at us in the organization. We are often told to cry, so we will blow our noses. Today, on the intensity, we respond more than present. The extra confidence played tricks on us a bit and allowed La Rochelle to exist a little too long for my taste.

It will take a stronger Stade Toulousain than tonight in the semi-finals. Castres is the first of the Top 14 in terms of character and state of mind, it is undeniable. It is a team that is always there. Their squad is complete, we still lost players (Cros, Mallez). We’ll go with it.

We are almost 100% sold out throughout the season, it’s not nothing. The enthusiasm on the ground is a reflection of what the people are pushing us to do. »


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