UK: Critics for fruit that is not vegan


UKReviews for fruits that are not vegan

The Tesco group finally admits that its oranges or lemons are not perfectly vegan.

Producers use products of animal origin to embellish their citrus fruits.

Producers use products of animal origin to embellish their citrus fruits.


As surprising as it may seem, in Tesco supermarkets in the UK you can find fruit that is not vegan. But now, after having suffered strong criticism, the giant clearly indicates it. On oranges, lemons, limes, it is now specified that these citrus fruits are not vegan.

Tesco had come under fire because not all of its vegan fruit was. An advertisement deemed misleading had even been banned, reports “The Independent”. After being accused of dragging its feet, the company finally admitted on Sunday that some of its citrus fruits are not 100% vegan and that will now be clearly stated.

Bees and mealybugs

But how can a fruit not be vegan? Because producers often apply wax from bees on the fruit, which improves its appearance, appearing more lustrous. This wax may also contain another substance of animal origin, shellac, derived from the secretion of an Asian cochineal.

Result: the zests of oranges and lemons are certainly not vegan. And whether eaten or not, the fruit as a whole contains traces of animal products.

“The Telegraph” explains that Tesco is committed to trying to find an alternative to using beeswax. In the meantime, it is specified for the attention of British customers who want to be sure of having perfectly vegan citrus fruits to turn to organic oranges and lemons.

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