Unbalanced by his dog, a Flemish tourist descends 40 m of ravine in Durbuy, a miracle!



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It was at noon 18, Friday, that the central Cozilux received the call, but it was the firefighters of the neighboring Heneco zone, including those of Hamoir and the GRIMP unit of Huy, who intervened.


Unbalanced by the dog which pulled him on a steep path in the rue des Crêtes in Durbuy, a Dutch-speaking tourist slipped and descended a steep embankment for no less than 40 meters. He was at the bottom, at the edge of a rock wall, standing on his legs, when the firefighters were able to locate him. But impossible for him to go up alone. Two firefighters abseiled down the embankment to recover the miracle worker, which they put back on its legs, helped by the firefighters and a winch. He escaped with scratches all over his body, but didn’t even have to be hospitalized. But he was very lucky that other hikers saw him fall and called for help. Tourists seated in the city center also saw him tumble and also called for help.

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