Unusual: a cow falls into a swimming pool in the Dordogne, the firefighters spend the night getting it out

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On the night of Thursday to last Friday, in the Dordogne, a cow fell into a swimming pool. Firefighters spent the night rescuing the animal.

Around 11 p.m. Thursday, June 9, as they were getting ready to go to bed, the owners of a house in the Dordogne saw a cow fall into their swimming pool, reports France Blue. “They were getting ready to go to bed when they heard the cow mooing and struggling, their bay window is right in front of the swimming pool,” said the mayor of Saint-Pompon, the town where the incident took place.

The owners immediately called the fire department, who spent the entire night rescuing the animal. They started by emptying the pool with pumps. The animal was then put to sleep, to be taken out of the basin with straps attached to a telescopic trolley.

Safe and sound, the cow was returned to its owner. For their part, the owners find themselves with a very damaged swimming pool, the liner, the waterproof PVC canvas has been torn by the animal’s hooves. Not to mention the hay and dung that the cattle left at the bottom of the basin.

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