Unusual: why can’t we do without pizza or chocolate?

May those who have never put in their good intentions this year to review their diet to become slim and healthy, dare to raise their hands.

However, from a chocolate bar passes in front of your eyes, you bite into it. When you go to the restaurant, having the salad is not your reflex: you order a good pizza (with extra cheese). In short, you can’t resist temptation. Is it serious doctor ?

A study proves a real addiction possible in 10% of the population

Dating from 2015; but unfortunately still relevant; a study proves that you can suffer from a real addiction to certain foodsincluding chocolate (1time place on the podium), followed by ice cream, fries or even pizzas.

The more you eat, the more you like it and the more you consume : yes, you have understood, we are talking about addiction.

Why do we like these foods (which are not really healthy) so much?

High levels of sugar and fat that they contain activate the release of dopamine more quickly; pleasure neurotransmitter. The only problem is that to find this feeling of pleasure, your body will always demand more in terms of frequency and quantity: it’s addiction.

We find exactly the same phenomenon when we consume alcohol or when we smoke cannabis..

This addiction has of course significant impact on healthbecause it increases the risk of obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, etc.

Should we stop consuming sugar and fat?

Whether fat and sugar are essential for body and brain functionit is necessary to manage to limit its consumption.

Weaning must be done gradually, replacing bad fat with good (foods rich in omega 3 and 6) and the sugar of ultra-processed products into that of fruitfor example…

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