[Vidéo] A townsman gets too close to a litter of “ducks”, the parents attack him

Weighing between 1.2 and 1.6 kg, the casarca shelduck lives from Romania to China. This waterfowl, which many will mistake for a duck, was introduced to Western Europe as an ornamental bird. Since then, the species has gradually colonized spaces and can even be found in the south of France.

Like any wild animal, the casarca shelduck is very close to its offspring and it is better not to approach it at the risk of suffering insults.

Yet this is what this city dweller did when he saw a litter of small shelduck in town. Wanting to feed him and take their picture, the latter did not notice the presence of the couple nearby.

The sanction was immediate and despite the difference in size the male and female shelduck rush towards the individual in order to pinch him! Returned manu militari to the other side of the street, there is no doubt that man will have learned a great lesson in biodiversity in a few seconds!

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