VIDEO. Thailand: two monitor lizards clash in the middle of the street in Bangkok

An “embrace” between two monitor lizards was immortalized by a motorist in Bangkok, capital of Thailand, on Saturday August 20. But there is nothing tender in this gesture: it is actually a fierce fight between the two saurians, for the defense of their territory. The giant lizards, which clashed in the middle of the road, interrupted traffic for more than 30 minutes.

The two meter-tall “monsters” finally fled. “I first thought they were friends, then someone told me that in fact they were fighting”, explains Kot Thanatpan, driver, witness of the scene, who interpreted this embrace as a sign of love. Male monitor lizards actually huddle together in an attempt to knock their rival to the ground, like in a wrestling match.

These animals abound in Bangkok, arousing the concern of the authorities. Sometimes these large reptiles also attack humans.

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