Vincent Labrune, president of the LFP, wants to “get criminals out of stadiums”

On the sidelines of the Federal Assembly of the French Federation (FFF) in Nice this Saturday morning, Vincent Labrune, president of the Professional Football League, took the floor to review the professional club season. He welcomed the sporting performances and the economic development symbolized by the creation of the commercial company with the arrival of the CVC investment fund which will give 1.5 billion euros to French football against 13% of its future revenue at from 2024-2025.

“It is a miracle that there were no deaths in Saint-Étienne during the accession barrage against Auxerre”

Vincent Labrune, president of the LFP

On the other hand, he was worried about the serious overflows in the stadiums which have plagued the whole season. “We had a disastrous season on and off the pitch. We have to change gears very strongly. At the League we will take our responsibility, the clubs must also take theirs and be aware that they must help us, as well as the public authorities, as Christian Estrosi said. (mayor of Nice who opened the federal assembly). It bothers me when I hear the ANS (national supporters association) say that there are good and bad supporters, good and bad ultras. No, there are supporters and ultras. I really like the positive fervor of the ultras, but today there are criminals in our enclosures. We have to get them out of stadiums. »

“It’s a miracle that there were no deaths in Saint-Étienne during the accession play-off against Auxerre (1-1, 5 tab 4), continued Labrune. I don’t want to know about a death in a stadium as president. We want to be the Development League, not the War League in the stadiums. I appeal to all of you, to your responsibility. You have to be brave and put these criminals where they belong, not in stadiums. »


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